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When I first visited the property, I was completely taken away by the garden. The white bougainvillea had climbed over the cotton tree and hung like a veil covering the sun at day and danced by night. The lily’s tucked away in the corner sang with the birds and the Jackman’s Clematis welcomed you at the front gate. Of course, I did not these fancy names back then. Lynn who had planted every flower and tree was present with me and she told me her how soul was in the garden. She called it the garden of Eden at the Sunshine Bungalow.

I believe one does not buy land, the land and the creatures that live there adopt you. I was welcomed by Lynn, her soul, Henry the bumble bee, Timothy the toad, the garden of Eden and all the birds that chirp so loud that your thoughts stop in case they disturb them with the city chatter, the gentle blowing wind, the windmills that slowed down just so you could count the rotations, the rustling of the Peepal tree, and the most beautiful of them all, a full moon rise immersed in an aquarium of stars.

The land changes with every season. From a lush puky green landscape in monsoon to a dry cherry blossomed bouquet in the winter.

We remain still. Lynn checks up on her soul once every few months and Ulhas fills us in with all the village politics. Manda cooks the most amazing food and Juleh, Kaichi and Sukku bestow all their love on you.

I changed the name from Sunshine to Purrom because of my love for cats. Lynn still calls it Sunshine. You will find your own name.

Come here to lose yourself!

Being a lover of cats, it was always a dream to combine the healing powers of the feline world and integrate them with the human race hence the name “PurrOm.” There are 4 (this number can change at the drop of a hat) rescued cats on the property Juleh, Phoolan, Om, and Kainchi. They don’t BITE or ATTACK or HARM. They have their own Cat House and you are welcome to enjoy a cup of tea with them in their house or invite them to yours.