When I first visited the property, I was completely taken away by the garden. The white bougainvillea had climbed over the cotton tree and hung like a veil covering the sun at day and danced by night. The lily’s tucked away in the corner sang with the birds and the Jackman’s Clematis welcomed you at the front gate. Of course, I did not these fancy names back then. Lynn who had planted every flower and tree was present with me and she told me her how soul was in the garden. She called it the garden of Eden at the Sunshine Bungalow.

I believe one does not buy land, the land and the creatures that live there adopt you. I was welcomed by Lynn, her soul, Henry the bumble bee, Timothy the toad, the garden of Eden and all the birds that chirp so loud that your thoughts stop in case they disturb them with the city chatter, the gentle blowing wind, the windmills that slowed down just so you could count the rotations, the rustling of the Peepal tree, and the most beautiful of them all, a full moon rise immersed in an aquarium of stars.

The land changes with every season. From a lush puky green landscape in monsoon to a dry cherry blossomed bouquet in the winter.

We remain still. Lynn checks up on her soul once every few months and Ulhas fills us in with all the village politics. Manda cooks the most amazing food and Juleh, Kaichi and Sukku bestow all their love on you.

I changed the name from Sunshine to Purrom because of my love for cats. Lynn still calls it Sunshine. You will find your own name.

Come here to lose yourself!

Being a lover of cats, it was always a dream to combine the healing powers of the feline world and integrate them with the human race hence the name “PurrOm.” There are 4 (this number can change at the drop of a hat) rescued cats on the property Juleh, Phoolan, Om, and Kainchi. They don’t BITE or ATTACK or HARM. They have their own Cat House and you are welcome to enjoy a cup of tea with them in their house or invite them to yours.

There are 4 “womb” huts on the property that are built with insane amounts of detailing. The sleeping area is dug 4 feet underground creating a womb like feeling, warm, cosy and safe. You will sleep for days without hearing any traffic. Each Hut has been built with one person in mind, but if you have a child or friend, we will add a mattress in there for you. Each hut comes with an attached bathroom with running hot water. There is a seating/writing area that is built above the sleeping area with a window overlooking the valley. The skylights have been built in the hut to give you a glimpse of the stars indoors. Each hut is designed with its own set of cat ears to help you fine tune to the most minuscule beautiful sound in the symphony of nature.

This hut has a magic of its own. It can sleep 2 (but if needed we can put another mattress in there for you) and comes with a private mini pool enclosed in glass. Yes. This is real. The views of the valley from the pool are beautiful and at night, it’s like being in a star aquarium.

Under our magnificent 12 foot high yoga platform that juts out into the valley, lies this incredibly gorgeous glass room. No need to say that it is surrounded by glass on all 4 sides, but I’ll say it anyway cuz its so worth it. This room sleeps one, but if you really must have a plus one to enjoy the magnificence with, we will add another mattress for you. From the bed, one can view the sunrise or the full moon rise over the mountain. Before the monsoons, the dance of the fireflies in the valley is like a disco you always wanted to go to. And in the monsoons, a panorama of 22 waterfalls greets your tired eyes. This room comes with an indoor garden and a rock sculpture of a farmer and his wife. This room does not have an attached bathroom but there is one right outside.

The “mothership” or the main house has many common areas for all to use including the secret garden. The kitchen is where the meals are served (in the monsoons) as well as tea and coffee. There is a music room for all to enjoy that has live instruments like Tanpura, Acoustic Guitar, Djembe, and a Didgeridoo. There is also a vintage record (that works :)) with loads of records to groove to. The view of the mountain and the windmills from our huge glass windows is completely jaw dropping.

Lynn Fernandes
Lynn has planted each and every plant, tree, flower on our property. She is the soul and heart of Purrom. Not only is her knowledge of nature excellent she also paints on rocks. You will find her art in every corner of the land. If you are lucky you will meet her on the property painting or talking to the birds or just star gazing.

Ulhas is a local adivasi from Palegaon, the village our center borders. His knowledge of the land and its history as well as local sacred chants is his pride. He is the main tour guide who takes our visitors to secret trails through local farmlands and conducts fire ceremonies with chanting that invokes the land. He smile can light up the entire garden on a new moon night.

Manda as we call her with love is the best cook we have had. Her hands have magic and we believe the hand that feeds is the best healer of them all. And if you are lucky, she will make you her special tomato chutney that will have you licking all your fingers.


Juleh The Cat
Hi my name is Juleh and i was found crying outside Mad o wot salon in bandra. My mommy looked at me and completely melted. I’m charming and shy. I want to play but don’t like to show it. I like to come across as reserved, but I’m really not.

Hi my name is suku and I am from Palegaon. Bhau found me hungry and brought me to Purrom. My best friend is Kaichu. She plays with me all day long. I also love Humans and have been trained to be very gentle so they don’t get scared. I have been told that humans get scared of my species and I want to show them otherwise.


Kainchi The Cat
Hi my name is Kainchi (scissor in hindi). Like Juleh, even I was crying outside mad o wot salon. I think all the cats of Pali Village now know they can get food there. Not only did my mommy fall for my looks, so did all the lovely girls of the salon. I’m very friendly and i love humans. I love being here and not having to hustle in the big city. I am the youngest of all the kitties and the cutest. Phoolan is my best friend cuz she loves to play with me.


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